“ We wanted to send you a note to say how much we are enjoying our renovated home.  Having been back in now for three months, I’m of the opinion that the feeling of being “home” will never get old here!  During the nine-month build and the design period leading up to the actual construction, we all found the Maike Design process an absolute pleasure.  Your willingness to engage with everyone including the kids and consideration of Murray the dog has resulted in a home that is functioning like a dream.  Aesthetically your suggested finishes and fixtures were always considered and refined and the result is one that ties the period portion of the home to the modern extension in a way that is respectful and consistent without giving a uniform or bland feel.

There are little features that make each one of us happy when we experience them on a daily basis.

The lighting in the new extension is a particular favourite with the right amount of light to do functional things like read the paper at the table and cook on the bench, but once everyone retires to the lounge, we are able to dim and re-direct the lighting to enjoy the soft glow of the large Akari light.

We really enjoyed the process and found during the concept design, that you did a great job of presenting all sides of the idea so we could make a truly informed decision.  Some of our early ideas were blatantly unworkable or wasted precious space, so your knowledge and wisdom came to the fore in many ways.  It was particularly enjoyable to head into the detailed design phase and receive your beautiful renders which were such a great communication tool for us and everyone around us with whom we shared the journey – everything turned out as we expected.   I think the only times I felt out of my depth with drawings or design was more related to scale – it was difficult to picture how the spaces would feel until they started to be built and even then, it was still hard to “feel” the spaces.  I don’t think that was a fault of the communication at all, but just a tricky thing for anyone to grasp when it comes to their own spaces.

Given we were reasonably time-poor, it was great to have you understand what we were wanting in terms of finishes, and come to us with beautiful and considered options for each decision.  We appreciated being involved in the selection/refinement process and when provided with two or three choices, in most cases would have been happy with any of the options presented as they were all so close to the brief – usually with an elegant twist for us to consider which made the entire build very cohesive with individual touches.  We receive tonnes of compliments about the feel and the aesthetics as soon as people enter, but to live in our home is to truly experience the thoughtfulness and purposeful design you’ve delivered.

During the contract negotiations with our builder including the finance process we really relied on your wisdom and experience. To say that we would have struggled through this phase without your involvement is a huge understatement.

We would definitely recommend you and work with you again.  Tilly has been really inspired and found it “really cool” to be involved and see you work – she’s considering architecture, interior design, or graphic design for a career (at this early stage…).  Both girls love their bedrooms and their deck which is becoming a place that play spills out to when the floor is completely filled with a complicated lego or playmobil setup.  My personal favourite touches are the period elements that you were able to integrate, such as the recycled bricks for lovely texture in the extension, to the shed door and old window which we look onto fondly, now part of the garage.

I’m sure Sam has additional notes he’d like to add personally, so stay tuned for his thoughts too.  My overall summation would be that you absolutely nailed the brief and delivered in a way that suited us completely.

Many thanks for absolutely everything!  “


“Mairead was amazing with our renovation from start to finish - helping us through the process each step of the way, identifying the things we loved and building our own personal style into her amazing designs.

The project management throughout the build was excellent, we knew that she was on top of every piece of the puzzle, with great communication and quickly resolving any issues or tweaks to the design as needed.

Her ability to source fabulous materials, and put us in touch with local suppliers for furniture was also incredibly helpful.

You can tell she loves and takes pride in her work and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her if you are looking to create a home that is truly yours and one of a kind.”


“ Mairead's personal presence, coupled with her experience and skills in both architecture and interior design were a winning combination for us. She came on board our Prahran renovation project at an integral time, when everything needed to 'come together', but she brought more to the project then we anticipated.

Her attention to detail meant our project ended up with some unique, yet subtle architectural details.

We were pleased with the ideas she suggested regarding colour and design, which meant the new and old sections of the house integrated seamlessly.

We felt Mairead listened to us and learnt our style, to achieve a finished product that reflected our personality while remaining suitable for future owners.  We enjoyed working with Mairead and look forward to the opportunity to have her working on our next build or renovation. Highly recommended.”


“ Mairead's advice and design was invaluable to our renovation. She made our ideas come to life.

Her professional and quality design skills have made our 1960's run down house into a modern sleek beautiful home.

Her knowledge of how every aspect of the build comes together has made the decision be so easy. We can not thank her enough.”


“We really enjoyed working with Mairead to realise and enhance our dream family home.  Mairead struck the perfect balance of listening to what we wanted but also offering new ideas and perspectives on how to achieve it.

She was professional, punctual, innovative and helped create (at least what we consider) an aesthetically pleasing home which is also warm, functional and low maintenance.

And best of all, we managed to do it without an extravagant budget. We couldn't be happier in our home. Thanks Mairead!”


"Mairead was great to work with when designing our apartment interior.

Mairead is very creative and was quick to understand what we wanted;

She was 'on the same page' and was able to work with us to achieve an outstanding result. Each room in our apartment has its own flavour but Mairead's influence extends throughout. Mairead also gave us valuable advice on future possibilities. The timberwork she designed fits beautifully into the spaces. We would have no hesitation in working with Mairead again on any future projects. We feel very lucky to have been able to work with her."


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