How to: Define Your Design Brief

Download: Week 01 – The Basics

What should you think about when writing your design brief?

Over four weeks you will receive a worksheet each week.  This week runs through the basic information for your project.  The remaining worksheets will cover information needed to create a unique and detailed design to suit your needs, how to define the big picture ideas for your project and how to determine your budget.

You can download the first worksheet here.

These will take you through the steps required to create a thorough and thoughtful brief.  The sheets can be filled in digitally or printed and completed manually – whatever you feel most comfortable with.  Each worksheet will include a series of questions and handy tips to prompt you to reflect on the way you live and what you are hoping to achieve.

To get the most out of this process we recommend you take your time.  You don’t have to answer them all at once or you may like to revisit your answers after a day or two.  It is important to make sure that everyone who will be making decisions on the project is involved.

A brief is in no way a static document.  While it is important to spend some time thinking about your brief before you speak to a Designer or Architect, don’t panic if there are fuzzy areas and things you are not sure of.

Through experience and careful reflection on all our projects we guide you through a process that takes your brief from a developed and thoughtful conceptual response all the way though to a detailed and concise set of construction documentation.  A robust brief is a fantastic way to start the project and our discussions and presentations raise any additional questions that need to be answered.  They give opportunities to consider each aspect of the design before work is started on site.

We’re so glad you’ve decided to take this first step towards your dream home.  If at any stage if you would like to discuss your brief with us in more detail we’d love to hear from you.