Just like our projects, our process emphasises the joy and delight of good design.  

We understand that creating a home is a journey. 

Our holistic approach takes every project through our thorough and thoughtful process. We investigate the design’s requirements and recognize the importance of clear communication at every stage of our process.

We feel strongly about the value of shared knowledge.  By working openly with our clients to give them an understanding of our process, we hope that everyone we work with will feel confident embarking on the complex journey of designing and building their project.

The first step for a new project is to get in touch with us to set up a free phone or video chat to discuss your project.


Briefing and Schematic Design
Design Development
Furniture Specification
Bespoke Joinery Design
Construction Documentation
Contract Administration

4 Week How To Guide:

Clearly Define your Design Brief

While each one of our designs is unique, there are some guiding principles that we stick to through every project:

We collaborate

Our design projects are a team effort.  We listen and value the input of our clients, builders and consultants.

We work with dedicated people

We are dedicated to providing a quality outcome for all our projects and have worked to put in place carefully considered systems and processes.  We choose to work with people who are also dedicated to the success of our projects.

We work with nice people

We conduct ourselves considerately, respectfully and with care and choose to work with people who will behave in the same way.

We charge fees to do great work

Our fees reflect the quality of our work and the time taken to create thoughtful spaces and ensure our projects run smoothly.  To do this we work on projects that have realistic budgets and clients who understand the value we can bring to their project.

We communicate efficiently and honestly

We take responsibility for our projects and provide solution-oriented support for our clients throughout our process.  We do not shy away from transparent and upfront communication even when the news isn’t good.

We look after everyone involved

The process of building a home takes time and its success depends on forming a solid and lasting relationship with those involved. As an organisation we care about everyone immediately involved in our process as well extending to the people that they care about as well.

We believe details are important

We create spaces that celebrate the nuances of daily domestic rituals as a balance of beauty and function.  We value quality construction, craftsmanship, bespoke detailing and honest materiality.

We are thorough

Documentation is the best way to communicate the design to others, so we ensure our process is thorough and documentation is concise.

We create thoughtful design

We believe that the best designs are a delight to experience and we work to ensure our designs are a unique refection of each project’s context and client.

“Mairead was amazing with our renovation from start to finish - helping us through the process each step of the way, identifying the things we loved and building our own personal style into her amazing designs. ...we knew that she was on top of every piece of the puzzle, with great communication and quickly resolving any issues or tweaks to the design as needed."

"Mairead's personal presence, coupled with her experience and skills in both architecture and interior design were a winning combination for us. She came on board our Prahran renovation project at an integral time, when everything needed to 'come together', but she brought more to the project then we anticipated."

"I'm of the opinion that the feeling of being 'home' will never get old here! Your willingness to engage with everyone including the kids and consideration of Murray the dog has resulted in a home that is functioning like a dream. ...to live in our home is to truly experience the thoughtfulness and purposeful design you've delivered."