How to: Define Your Design Brief

Download: Week 04 – The Budget

What is going to determine your budget?

Being clear on your budget is vital to the success of your project.  Without the understanding of your budget there is nothing to assess the project scope against and you can not ensure that your financial and design aspirations align.

You can download your worksheet here.

Similar to the Big Questions, where you set your budget needs to be agreed with everyone involved in the decision making for your project.  It is critical that everyone is comfortable with where the budget is set.  It is important to be upfront with your Architect or Designer about your financial aspirations and limits for the project so they can advise you properly.

If you would like to find out more about the different ways of pricing a project, we have a case study you can read here.

We’re so glad you’ve decided to take this first step towards your dream home.  If at any stage if you would like to discuss your brief with us in more detail we’d love to hear from you.