We love this write up of our Meow House in Hunter and Folk

“Meow House, designed by Maike Design, is a reworked 1960s home for a family and their much-adorned cats!

Located in Fairfield, close to Melbourne’s CBD, Meow House was an original 1960s home full of charm and character, yet unfortunately the floor plan was not functional for its owners.

The family turned to Maike Design to transform the interior so that it was more open, allowed for family gatherings and also contained spaces and holes for their beloved indoor cats!

‘We completely replanned the existing warren of small rooms, creating a layout that suits the needs of a young family including a shift-worker and two indoor cats,’ says Maike Design.

The design relocated services areas originally at the back of the house to the south of the building, giving clear access to natural light and the backyard.

The new space has been carefully zoned using open shelving to provide interconnected living areas. An oversized central glass door allows the family to close the living space off from the cats and move freely between inside and outside.

Inspiration for the aesthetics was drawn from the original house, leading to the incorporation of terrazzo, brass, terracotta, and pastels including a minty green, peach and light blue.

‘These materials have been re-imagined and incorporated in new ways to create a design that sits comfortably alongside the original and provides surprising moments throughout the house.’

The design of the detailing, materiality and texture add a tangible sense of the hand-made nature of the house.

‘The objective was not to perfect the imperfect old house, but to find and accentuate its charm to create a distinctive, warm family home,’ says Maike design.”

See it here.

Maike Design lounge room. Timber shelving, indoor plants. Boucle chair and ottoman.